Developer Experiences Moving to Godot from Unity

In response to Unity’s ill advised Runtime Fee change several Unity developers announced they would be looking at other game engines including Godot. Now more than a month later we have some insight into how the process went for some of these developers.

Caves of Qud

Among the first developers to jump in, Caves of Qud creator Brian Bucklew jumped in with both feet and simply ported his game over to Godot while live tweeting the process and progress. Amazingly he managed to get it up and running in just a little over 24 hours!

Mega Crit

The company Mega Crit came out strongly against Unity’s moves then took the next step. The made a small game Dancing Duelists ( available freely here ) as a proof of concept to test if Godot would work for their needs. Best of all, one of the team members documented the process describing the positives and pain points of moving to the Godot game engine.

Road to Vostok

Road to Vostok is an in development survival FPS whose developer announced would be moving from Unity to Godot in this excellent video. Even better for fellow game developers, they continued to document the process of porting from Unity to the Godot game engine. Available publicly on their Patreon page you can read Part One and Part Two of their development process, with part three promised to arrive later this month.

Project UniFree

Unfortunately it isn’t all great news, as Project UniFree an open source project by AppLovin has not developed and appears to have just been a marketing gimmick. This is unfortunate as an open source game engine migration tool would certainly have been a valuable tool.

You can learn more about these developers and their experiences moving from Unity to Godot in the video below.

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