Flax Engine 1.8 Released

The Flax 3D game engine just released Flax Engine 1.8. This release adds several new features including .NET 8/ C#12 support, a new integrated UI building tool and much more.

Details of the Flax Engine 1.8 release from the Flax blog:

We’re happy to release Flax 1.8! It brings lots of great features such as .NET 8, ASTC texture support, new UI editor, new models importing pipeline, tank vehicles, Anim Graph live debugging, and lots of bugfixes.

We’d like to thank all the community members and contributors that are involved in Flax. During the past months, we’ve made over 810 commits into Flax repositories and over 108 Pull Requests.

Check out the complete release notes linked below for in-depth details of all the new features in Flax 1.8.

Key Links

Flax Engine 1.8 Release Summary

Full Release Notes

Flax Engine Homepage

Discord Server

You can learn more about the Flax game engine and the Flax 1.8 release in the video below.

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