Game Development Salary Survey

The fine folks over at have just released their Behind the Screens: The Salary Stats in Game for 2023. This survey polls developers from around the globe about income and living standards in various fields of game development. The results are available summarized in PDF format as well as the raw data being available here.

Details of the survey:

In an industry as dynamic and rapidly evolving as ours, understanding compensation trends is crucial, not only for professionals navigating their career paths but also for companies striving to attract and retain top talents. Our study aimed to explain the patterns and factors influencing salaries in game development.

80 Level Research surveyed a pool of over 1000 respondents, all actively engaged in various facets of game development. 80 Level readers and industry representatives from the 80 Level Research panel were respondents to this survey. These professionals shared insights, salary brackets along with their job titles, and factors influencing their compensation such as years of experience in the industry, level of proficiency, and geographical location.

In the video below we go through the survey results and look at game developer salary information trends and facts.

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