Game Development Tutorial Series

The following are the multi part tutorial series hosted on  They are listed by a mix of chronological order and popularity.  If it exists, the link will bring you to the series table of contents, otherwise, there may be multiple links.

Godot 3 Logo

Godot 3 Game Engine Tutorial Series

Godot 3 is a massively updated version of the Godot game engine. This updated tutorial series goes through all aspects of creating 2D and 3D games using Godot 3. There is also an earlier Godot series below that is mostly still accurate.

Armory3D Logo

Armory Game Engine Text Tutorial Series

Armory is a new game engine that runs directly inside Blender. The hosted series looks at all aspects of developing 3D games using Blender and the Armory open source game engine.

LibGDX Logo

LibGDX Text Tutorial Series

A massive tutorial series covering all facets of game development with LibGDX. LibGDX is a cross platform, Java based game engine.

Blender Game Art Logo

Blender Game Art Tutorial Series

One of the longest series on GFS, this tutorial walks you from complete Blender beginner to creating a game ready, modeled, textured, animated and rendered sprite. Basically teaches you everything you need to know to get started using Blender.

Unreal Engine Logo

Unreal Engine 2D Game Development Tutorial

This tutorial looks at all facets of creating a 2D game in Unreal Engine using the Paper2D library. There will be a companion tutorial covering Unity eventually.

Love2D Game Engine

GameDev For Complete Beginners Tutorial Series (Using Love2D/Lua)

This tutorial is somewhat unique on this list as it assumes zero prior programming experience. The first half starts by teaching you scripting in the Lua programming language. The second half of the tutorial series teaches you game development using the Love game engine. The entire series is video-based.

Godot Engine Logo

Godot Engine Tutorial Series

This tutorial series covers all aspects of creating a game using the Godot game engine. Godot is an open source, C++ based game engine with a full game editor.

Defold Logo

Defold Engine Tutorial Series

This tutorial takes an in-depth look at the Lua powered, mobile focused 2D game engine Defold made available free by King.

Babylon Logo

BabylonJS Tutorial Series

This tutorial series looks at the Babylon HTML5 game engine. We look at all facets of using this 3D WebGL powered HTML5 game engine in both text and video formats.

MonoGame Logo

MonoGame Tutorial

This tutorial looks at all aspects of using the MonoGame engine, an open source implementation of Microsoft’s XNA game framework. This series includes both text and video versions, as well as an e-book compilation.


SFML with C++ Tutorial Series 2015 Edition

This is completely new for 2015 tutorial series covering SFML 2.3+. The series is in two parts, the first covering the fundamentals of working with SFML while the second covers creating a complete game using what you’ve learned, as well as incorporating third-party libraries. This series is both text and video format.


A Complete Game from Scratch with C++ and SFML

While slightly outdated at this point (SFML 1.6), this sprawling game dev series teaches progressively more complicated C++ subjects, using the SFML media library. Although one of the older series on GFS, still quite relevant today. For SFML specifics, please see the previous tutorial. This one should still be useful for learning gamedev in C++ however.

Tiled Map Editor Logo

Tiled Map Editor Tutorial Series

Tiled is a popular open source 2D map editor supported by a number of game engines. This video series shows all aspects of creating maps using Tiled.


HaxeFlixel Tutorial Series

HaxeFlixel is a 2D game framework based on the Flash based Flixel engine ported to the Haxe programming language. This text and video tutorial series cover all aspects of working with HaxeFlixel.

Paradox Game Engine Logo

Paradox/Xenko Game Engine Tutorial Series

This tutorial series looks at the Paradox Game Engine (now Xenko), a 2D/3D C# based game engine with a complete level editor and advanced rendering capabilities.

LibGDX Logo

LibGDX Video Tutorial Series

Similar in scope to the text based LibGDX tutorial series, this one is entirely video based but includes blog posts for source code and assets. LibGDX is a cross platform, Java based game engine.

Blender Game Art Logo

Learning Blender One Hour at a Time Video Tutorial Series

This video tutorial series covers learning Blender in one hour chunks. It assumes you have zero prior experience, and spends one hour on each of the following topics: overview, modelling, texturing, animating and rendering. There is also a collection of Blender tips and tricks.

Blender Game Art Logo

Adventures in Phaser with TypeScript Tutorial Series

This tutorial series looks at all aspects of using the Phaser HTML5 game library. Instead of JavaScript, however, we work in the much more sane TypeScript language. There is some TypeScript related tutorial content as well.

Cocos2d-x Logo

Cocos2d-x C++ Game Programming Tutorial Series

This tutorial series explores using Cocos2d-x, a popular open source C++ port of the Cocos2D library. It covers version 3 of the library.

Moai Logo

The adventures of an intrepid programmer in the lands of Moai

This tutorial series is all about using Moai, a popular Lua based cross platform game engine.


GameDev Math Recipes

This is a collection of common game dev related math algorithms, including description and JavaScript sample. Topics like collisions, shooting, facing and more are covered.

SpriteKit and Swift

Using Swift and SpriteKit

A collection of tutorials on creating a game with the SpriteKit library and Apple’s recently released Swift programming language.

Project Anarchy Tutorials

Project Anarchy game programming tutorial series

Tutorials on using Project Anarchy, a AAA mobile focused game engine created by Havok.

PlayStation Mobile Tutorials

PlayStation Mobile tutorial series

Now sadly discontinued, this tutorial series covered all aspects of creating a game for PlayStation Mobile, Sony’s C# based game development system. Click here for Table Of Contents

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The above tutorials just represent the most popular or multi-part tutorial series here on  Over the years, there have been hundreds of tutorials covering a vast variety of subjects. Click here to see a live spreadsheet of every tutorial, guide, or review published on GameFromScratch on a single page.

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