GamefromScratch just moved… literally


Sorry for the quietness in these parts of late, I recently purchased a new place and have been taken off line for most of the last week as a result.  This explains the lack of posts here on  Fortunately things should get back to normal starting early next week.


On the bright side, I have MUCH more space than before and for better or worse, I now have natural light where I work.  Perhaps I will no longer burst into flames when coming into contact with the stuff!


Below is ground zero for GameFromScratch, or at least 90% there, still some unpacking to be done.  Although reality is, I still spend the majority of my time on the move.








I really need a good solution for cable management.  For now I am just going to use black twist ties, but that always gets annoying.  I am also in the market for a small side table with wheels, as I’ve got a couple machines still wrapped up and unusable for now.  Nice to not be completely cluttered for now though at least.

Totally Off Topic

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