GDevelop 5 Beta 54 Released

Beta 54 of GDevelop 5 was just released with a major change to the way you develop in GDevelop 5, functions.  Using functions and extensions, you can easily structure you code in a way that is easily reused and shared across your GDevelop games, as well as possibly with other developers.  In addition to functions, this release also integrates the jsfx sound effects generator, enabling you to create sound effects directly within GDevelop.  If you are interested in learning more about GDevelop, check out our earlier hands-on video available here.  Also be sure to watch the video embedded below to see beta 54 in action.

Details of the release from the release notes:

New features

  • Introducing Functions ⚙️. Functions allow you to create new actions, conditions or expressions using events.
    • This is an advanced and very powerful feature: Functions will be shareable in the near future, allowing for even faster game creation and sharing of features between games.
    • Read more about functions on the wiki.
    • This feature is in alpha mode (and may slightly evolve). You must enable it manually in the preferences. Please report any issue!
  • Added jsfx, a sound generator that can be used to create sound effects in record time for your games.
    • Open it by clicking on the pen next the audio file in actions to play sounds.
    • Thanks @blurymind for suggesting and implementing this addition.


  • Objects can now be positionned on the scene by drag’n’dropping them from the list of objects to the scene.
    • You can also click on an object in the list, right click on the scene and choose the option to add an instance of it. (Thanks @blurymind!)
  • Added 3 new examples (Thanks @ddabrahim!)
    • including a simple level editor with an example of a function.
  • Add more JavaScript annotations (for autocompletion) (Thanks @Wend1go!)
  • Add option to scan for new image resources or remove unused images in Resource Editor (Thanks @blurymind)
  • Press Alt while moving an object to ignore grid (Thanks @kdparkinson)
  • Add Edit Object and Delete options to context menu on Scene Editor (Thanks @blurymind!)
  • Performance improvements in the IDE
  • Add word wrapping for Text Object (Thanks @Lizard-13!). Resize an instance of a text object on the scene to have it wrapped (you can also use events to do the same).
  • Snap position of objects to the grid when inserted (Thanks @blurymind!)
  • Add “Add event”, “Add Subevent” and “Add Other” options in context menu in the EventsSheet (Thanks @blurymind!)
  • Add option to customize particles rotation speed (thanks @Lizard-13!)
  • Add button to rotate the selected instances in the Scene Editor (thanks @blurymind!)

Bug fixes

  • Fix selection of instances on hidden layers (Thanks @blurymind!)
  • Fix action to open URL in games
  • Fix True/False buttons in events sheet
  • Fix missing support for Escape key in “Key Pressed” condition.
  • Fix long action/condition words not breaking properly in the editor.
  • Ensure confirmation of project closing is shown when pressing Ctrl+W (or Cmd+W).

You can download the beta here.  GDevelop is available for Mac, Windows and Linux and is completely free and open source software.

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