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In celebration of RPG Maker Festival 2024, you can currently get a copy of RPG Maker XP completely free. This is the version, that while very dated at this point, was used to create perhaps the most successful RPG Maker game, To The Moon. Getting your free copy of RPG Maker XP is as easy as “buying it” at 100% discount on Steam before Feb 19th. There is also a free SRPG gear plugin for RPG Maker MZ and MV available on Steam.

Details of the RPG Maker Festival 2024:

Limited-time free distribution of ‘RPG MAKER XP’

For a limited time, we will be offering a free distribution of “RPG Maker XP,” the creator of titles like “Ao Oni,” which has been adapted into comics and movies, and “To the Moon,” known for its cinematic presentation and intricate storytelling, earning high praise! Despite its capability to allow those without programming knowledge to delve into game creation, RPG Maker boasts high expandability. Even after a considerable time since its release, it continues to be utilized by a diverse user base.

Take this opportunity to open the door to game creation.

“RPG MAKER MZ” 50% discount ・ “RPG MAKER MV” 85% discount!

To celebrate Maker Day, we are offering “RPG MAKER MZ” at a 50% discount.

We will also be offering “RPG MAKER MV” at an 85% discount.

If you own any of the “RPG Maker” series products, you can also take advantage of special bundles to purchase them at an even better price!

“SRPG Gear” is now available for free on Steam.

“SRPG Gear”, a plugin set to create Simulation RPGs quite easily for “RPG Maker MV” and “RPG Maker MZ” is now available as an official DLC! Since it’s free, everyone can create SRPGs with your “RPG Maker MV” and “RPG Maker MZ”! It contains a sample project whose parameters are preset, so you can quickly start to make! With the sample project, you can play a well-constructed sample game to get a picture what games can be created with SRPG Gear!

Creator Event Announcement

It will be a festive event where games created by users will also take part. There are over 600 participating titles!

We have participants ranging from popular titles such as “To the Moon” and “LISA: The Painful” to recently talked-about titles. Some works are available for purchase at discounted prices.

“RPG Maker MZ” Gift Campaign

In celebration of “RPG Maker Festival 2024,” we will be gifting “RPG MAKER MZ” to 10 lucky individuals.

Key Links

RPG Maker XP Free on Steam

RPG Maker Festival Homepage

You can learn more about the RPG Maker Festival and getting your free copy of RPG Maker XP in the video below.

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