Gideros 2016.6 Released


There is a new release of Gideros, a cross platform Lua powered mobile focused open source game engine.  Release 2016.6 ( I like this naming convention by the way ) bringstumblr_static_gideros-mobile-small several new features and improvements including:

New features

  • Introduce a threading system allowing to launch tasks in background
  • New Pixel sprite, a simple and fast rectangular coloured sprite 
  • New Particles sprite (alpha), which allows to draw several identical dots or bitmaps with varying colour and orientation
  • Releases now include offline docs
  • New examples
  • Lua 5.1 ‘universal’ bytecode
  • UTF8 string library


  • Matrix object promoted to full 4×4 (3D) matrix
  • Matrix has sprite transform functions as well as direct scale/rotate/translate/multiply
  • Pixels can be retrieved from a render target through RenderTarget:getPixels()
  • Win32 target general improvements (fixed autorotation issue and UrlLoader now supported)
  • Shaders constants can now be set on a sprite by sprite basis
  • Viewport can now be used to render 3D scenes with different perspectives
  • Switched to QT 5.6 (fix multi monitor issues with gideros studio)
  • Updated luasockets to 3.0rc1 (for IPv6 access)


  • Allow to remove a shader from a Sprite through Sprite:setShader(nil)
  • Fixed concurrency issue in UrlLoader on Android, causing random crashes
  • Fixed Render target clear/clipping
  • Android fixed orientation issue on screen suspend
  • Fixed export complete dialog appears only after export is finished
  • Logical scale now applies to Z axis too
  • HTML5 fix mouse buttons reporting
  • Fixed blur shader example to be GL ES compliant


Gideros is available for download here.  You can read the release announcement here.

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