Godot 3 Tutorial Series Index


Welcome to the GameFromScratch Godot 3 tutorial series.  This is an updated version of our existing Godot tutorial series.  We will cover all aspects of Godot development including 2D, 3D, physics, C#, GDNative, VR and much more.  Each link will contain the tutorial video and all assets and source code from the example if appropriate.

Primary Tutorial Videos

Series Introduction

Getting Started

Nodes, Scenes and Trees

GDScript Programming 101

2D Graphics, Sprites and Animation

Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick Input

User Interface Development

Sound FX and Music


Tiles and TileMaps


2D Keyframe Animation

Introduction to 3D

Shaders and Materials

Visual Shaders

Exporting Your Game

Other Godot 3 Tutorial Videos

Godot C# Coding using Visual Studio Code

Godot Development From The Command Line

Making Tools In Godot 3 (GDQuest Guest Tutorial)

Making Tools In Godot 3(GameFromScratch On GDQuest)

VR in Godot 3

Blender 2.79 To Godot

Blender 2.80 To Godot(See Above Video for Animation and Texturing Specifics)

Step By Step Tutorial

Creating A 2D Game From Beginning To End

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