Godot Road Generator Add-On

The Godot Road Generator is a free MIT licensed open source add-on for the Godot game engine for, well… generating roads. The development version is currently for the Godot 3.x branch, but the 1.0 release will be ported to Godot 4.x.

Key features include:

  • Seamless end to end roads. A core feature and improvement of this system over others is that two different road segments are perfectly joined together with no gaps, even if they are from different road networks.
  • Visual widget to showcase orientation of the selected RoadPoint.
  • Network manager to control refreshing of roads in game and in the editor.
  • Fast performance – transforming RoadPoints in the editor will switch to a low poly mode until transforming has completed.
  • Flexible road layouts – use the auto assignment for intelligent road texturing, or manually specific on a per RoadPoint basis the order and sequence of lanes and lane directions.
  • In-editor controls
  • Easy to get started
    • Add a RoadNetwork in any scene, and it will auto set up the default configuration of a material and children to get started
    • Then, use the “Create” node to add your first road segment. In the future, we’ll have more types of pieces you can quickly add.
    • Select a RoadPoint (functionally a spatial), and move it around.
    • Use the custom inspector panel to edit RoadPoints quickly and easily
  • Lightweight as much as possible. The system is designed to be used in a procedural, endless world, so it should scale effectively. Curves are used without creating node paths where possible, and the number of nodes per road segment/point is aimed to be as minimal as possible. Furthermore, there is room to defer generation until it’s needed, so roadways can be placed even without generating the geometry and further details all right away (some interfaces need to be added for this still)

Key Links

Asset Library Version (older)

GitHub Repository

In the video below we go hands-on with the Godot Road Generator plugin (asset lib and dev build version) to show how you can quickly and easily create road networks in the Godot game engine.

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