JetBrains Release CLion Nova EAP

JetBrains have just released a new version of their C++ IDE CLion, named suitably enough CLion Nova. This is a refactor of CLion that replaces the old slower Java legacy core with a new one built on their custom clangd implementation and the engine behind Rider and ReSharper C++ tools. It is available for free (and will be throughout the EAP period) although it does require you to download their Toolbox installer.

Benefits of the new version from the JetBrains blog:

CLion Nova still uses two C++ language engines: a clangd-based one and the one used by ReSharper C++/Rider. Most of the features of CLion Classic should work exactly the same in CLion Nova.

The most notable benefits in terms of performance in CLion Nova are:

  • Faster highlighting speeds, especially in the case of incremental code updates
  • A more responsive UI
  • Faster Find Usages
  • Significantly fewer freezes and hangs in refactorings
  • Faster test indexing

This unification also brings some new functions to CLion Nova that aren’t included in CLion Classic’s feature set:

You can learn more about the new CLion Nova C++ IDE EAP in the video below.

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