Krita 5 Beta Released

The popular open source painting/drawing application Krita just released the first beta of Krita 5. A ton of improvements behind the scene, including a new 5 years in development resource management system and a UI design should make Krita 5 more enjoyable to use. Of course it comes with several new features such as a new perspective system, animation improvements, MyPaint brush system and more.

Highlight features from the Krita 5 beta release blog:

  • The new resource system that we have worked on for five years
  • Gradient dithering and wide-gamut gradients
  • Performance improvements, thanks to the LittleCMS fastfloat plugin
  • The all-new MyPaint brush engine
  • A completely rewritten color smudge brush engine
  • A redesigned animation timeline docker
  • Clone frames for animation
  • Updated animation curves docker
  • Transform mask animation
  • The new storyboarding feature
  • Refreshed icons and UI polish
  • Support for HEIF, AVIF, WebP file formats
  • Improved TIFF support
  • A new painting recorder
  • A new 2-point perspective assistant and a limit area feature for assistants
  • In-stack transform tool preview
  • Paste into a layer instead of pasting the clip as a new layer
  • G’Mic for macOS

Links of Interest

You can learn more about the Krita 5 beta and see it briefly in action in the video below.

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