Maya Bonus Tools 2017 Now Available


Bonus Tools is a set of extensions for the Maya 3D application that miscellaneous new functionality in the form of a collection of plugins and scripts.  They have been released annually since 2014 and yesterday the 2016 edition was released.  

Bonus Tools is a free collection of useful Maya scripts and plug-ins. After installing Bonus Tools, an additional pull-down menu will be added to the end of the main Maya menu. This new menu provides easy access to a variety of tools and utilities for daily use. The Maya Bonus Tools menu mimics the layout of the standard Maya menu sets. Each sub-menu contains a number of related tools. Each of these can be torn off and floated just like standard Maya menus.


Unfortunately I couldn’t find a handy list of new functions available in the 2017  Bonus Tools release.  The following video however contains a walk through of the new functionality in action:


Maya 2017 Bonus Tools can be downloaded here.  I suppose it goes without saying that Maya or Maya LT is required.

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