Meshcapade – Mixamo x MetaHumans

Meshcapade is an interesting new free* online service for creating digital avatars MetaHuman style, then animating them using a massive animation library in a Mixamo like manner. There are also tools for creating avatars by uploading images or scanning from webcam as well as for creating animations by uploading a video.

You get 2000 credits when you sign up and actions cost between 100 and 500 credits to perform. Once your credits drop below 500 you will automatically get 500 the next day you login. Of course if you need more credits they will gladly take your money. The generated results can be downloaded as FBX or OBJ and can be used in commercial projects.

Key Links

Meshcapade Homepage

Terms of Service

You can see Meshcapade in action creating and animating a character who is then imported into Blender in the video below.

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