Move From Unity to Unreal Engine in Minutes with Utu

Due to the recent price changes at Unity more developers than ever are looking to move to another game engine. Of course if you have a game in progress or thousands of dollars in asset store assets, leaving isn’t a simple process. Today’s feature, the Utu Plugin goes a long way towards making that process as simple as possible.

While not a magic bullet solution, it can bring most of your assets from Unity to Unreal Engine by offering a plugin for both engines to do the conversion process. It of course will not bring across the code/scripts and other aspects such as terrains, foliage and sadly animations aren’t transferred. In terms of what it will bring over:

– Scenes
– Static / Skeletal Meshes
– Materials
– Textures
– Prefabs
– Point, Spot and Directional Lights
– Cameras

This will be a huge savings of time for people looking to migrate between engines. You will no doubt still have some cleanup work to do, but this makes the process so much faster and makes it much easier to take advantage to assets you have purchased. The reasons to use the plugin as described by the author:

– You changed your mind and want to use Unreal instead of Unity without starting over
– You want to sell your asset pack on both engines
– You want to convert some old projects or assets you bought

You can check out the Utu plugin and see it action in the video below. The plugin is available on Gumroad for a very reasonable $25 USD and if you use our links we get a small commission (and thanks so much if you do!)

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