NeoAxis 2021.1 Released

The NeoAxis game engine just released version 2021.1. We have look at the NeoAxis Game Engine a few times in the past, most recently when the source code was made available in mid-2020. The NeoAxis engine is a full featured 2D/3D game engine, with an integrated world editor, terrain and modelling tools and much more. There have been a few new releases since then adding several new features.

Key new features in the NeoAxis 2021.1 release include:

  • New Procedural world generation component and corresponding demo scene
  • Rendering pipeline performance improvements
  • New outline effect for selected objects
  • Updates to the material and environment libraries
  • Better lighting
  • Improvements to the curve tools
  • Texture tiling removal option
  • New paid add-ons
    • Industrial Kit
    • Pipe Constructor
    • Fence Constructor
    • Road Constructor

The complete change logs are available here. The source code for NeoAxis is available on GitHub, but be sure to check the proprietary license before using! You can learn more about the NeoAxis engine release and see it in action in the video below.

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