New Upcoming Tutorial Series on the Paradox Game Engine



EDIT:  The tutorial series announced below is now live and available here.


Hello All, just a quick update on an upcoming tutorial series here on   I have recently been looking at the Paradox game engine, cumulating in a Closer Look at Paradox3D.


I rather enjoyed my time with the engine, but I will say outright that the documentation is in pretty rough shape.  There are two ways to look at this.  For new users its a rough go and makes Paradox inaccessible.  For a tutorial writer however, it’s an opportunity, as the worse the documentation the more you need good tutorials! Winking smile


There is one major challenge here… the documentation is spotty for a reason.  The API is under active development and they are making breaking changes as they go.  This certainly presents a challenge.  Part of it is simply the nature of the beast, but I am going to address it in a couple ways.


First I am going to keep each tutorial quite small, so if it breaks it only breaks a small portion of the over all tutorial.  I am going to be doing both text and video tutorials.  It might be possible to update text tutorials as things break, but obviously this isn’t possible with the videos.  Second, I am going to mark the version I use for each tutorial.  I will keep with the most current release as I update the series, so you can quickly see what version the tutorial works with if things have in fact broken.  Quite often the comments section can capture and work around breaking API changes.  Finally I am going to keep the explanation in each tutorial to a minimum.  This will help keep tutorials small and will also help with the fact in many cases I am guessing at the best way to implement something.


I intend to cover as much as possible over the course of the series.  I am going to take a recipe type approach.  This is how you draw a sprite sheet, this is how you add animation to a model, this is how you play an audio file, etc.  Please let me know what you want to see covered.  Expect the first new tutorial early this week.

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