Orchestrator – Visual Scripting For Godot

The Godot game engine removed it’s built-in Visual Scripting language with the release of Godot 4.0. Thanks however to the extensive (pun intended) extension system GDExtensions, it is possible for a tightly integrated replacement to be created. That is exactly what Orchestrator is, a drop in GDExtension based Visual Scripting language for Godot. It does however require the newest version of Godot as of time of writing, Godot 4.2.

Key features of Orchestrator include:

  • A complete visual scripting solution for Godot.
  • Compatible with Godot 4.2+ using Godot GDExtension plug-in technology.
  • Attach an OrchestratorScript to any Godot scene node just like GDScript or CSharp.
  • Hundreds of nodes in dozens of categories such as Flow Control, Logic, Math, Variables and more.
  • Drag-and-drop Editor integration for Scene Nodes, Properties, and Resources.
  • Build re-usable code with custom functions.
  • Supports sending and reacting to Godot signals.
  • Design complex dialogue conversations for NPCs for any game.
  • Work with any Godot engine data type, including complex types like Arrays or Dictionaries.

Key Links

Orchestrator Homepage

GitHub Repository


Discord Server

You can learn more about Orchestrator visual scripting for Godot 4.2 and see it in action in the video below.

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