Plasticity 1.0 Released

Plasticity, a hybrid between CAD-style NURBS modelling and traditional polygon tools, just released Plasticity 1.0. We first covered Plasticity a little over a year ago when it was first released in beta and it has come a long way since. It is now commercial software available for Windows, Mac and Linux with a functional 30 day demo available.

Key Features of Plasticity include:

Plasticity is the ultimate tool for creative professionals in the video game industry, product design, and beyond. Say goodbye to clunky CAD workflows designed for manufacturability. Plasticity offers all the power of NURBS modeling combined with the best workflow innovations from polygonal modeling software. This unique combination gives you the flexibility and creativity you need to bring your ideas to life

Plasticity’s advanced geometry and fillet engine is second to none, thanks to Parasolid’s best-in-class algorithms. With Plasticity, you can create the absolute best fillets, booleans, and offsets, and change them whenever you want. Unlike other CAD programs, Plasticity doesn’t hold back on advanced modeling tools – you have access to everything you need.

Our streamlined workflow makes Plasticity the perfect tool for artists and product designers. If you’re already familiar with polygonal modeling programs such as Blender or workflow addons such as HardOps, you’ll feel right at home. We’ve designed Plasticity to be as intuitive as possible, with efficient tools and customizable keybindings to make every hand movement count

Plasticity has two pricing tiers, Indie and Studio, with Indie being sufficient for most smaller game developers. Again there is a free, mostly functional 30 day free trial available as well.

Key Links

Plasticity Home Page

You can learn more about the Plasticity 1.0 Release and see it in action in the video below.

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