Poly.Pizza — A Replacement to Google Poly

Google Poly is yet another excellent service that Google are killing off prematurely, but thankfully a new effort, Poly.pizza has risen to take it’s place. Google Poly was launched back in 2017 and was an excellent resource for CC0 low polygon 3D models. Google killing off services isn’t new, in fact there is an entire website dedicated to tracking the Google Graveyard. Sadly as a resource, Poly will cease operation in just a few days.

According to this Reddit post, Poly.pizza was created to fill that void:

Like many other devs I used to visit Poly heaps to find free models for my projects, but in classic Google fashion they’re killing it off. So I thought [expletive] it, why don’t I just make my own Poly? With black jack and hookers? So I learnt everything I could about web dev, remade the site, made a scraper to download about 200GB of creative commons models and hand picked ~6000 of the best game ready ones. It uhhh took a while.

But I’m not just stopping there – I plan on expanding the site into a one stop shop for free 3D assets, since finding quality free stuff has always been a huge pain in the ass for me. It seems like most free assets are scattered across different sites that can’t always be searched or previewed and I want to change that.

So if you’re a 3D artist with a few low poly models lying around please get in touch – I’m planning on starting an artist rev share thing soon!

and If you’d like to help with server costs I’ve set up a donation page here

Let me know what you think. Thanks!!!

In addition to Poly.Pizza, if you are looking for free and open low polygon assets, also be sure to check out the Retro 3D Collection, a curated collection of PS1-esque 3D assets from Miziziziz, a fellow game development YouTuber. It is a resource I’ve been meaning to mention for some time now, but never really found a good spot for it.

You can learn more about the closure of Google Poly, the rise of Poly.pizza and about Miziziziz’s assets in the video below.

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