RPG Maker Unite for Unity Review

Released back in May of 2023, RPG Maker Unite is an attempt to bring the long running and successful JRPG game engine series RPG Maker to the Unity asset store and leverage all of the power of the Unity game engine. Today we will take a look at RPG Maker Unite and let you know if you should think about buying it.

Available as an add-on for the Unity game engine, RPG Maker Unite adds the functionality of RPG Maker, including battle screens, map editor, database system and more, and adds it to the Unity game engine. This enables it to support more platforms, offer higher definition graphics and access to the C# programming language. The question is… does it succeed? In this review we will answer that question!

Check out out review in the video below. The links on this page contain an affiliate code that pays GFS a small commission if used.

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