RPGMaker MV 1.1 Released


The venerable RPGMaker just released version 1.1 of RPGMaker MV.  RPGMaker is a game engine specifically designed for creation roleplaying games, specifically JRPGs.  To go along with the release they are also offering RPGMaker at a 30% discount on Steam.


Features of this new release include:

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed Paste Last Bug in the Animation Editor.
  • Fixed Canvas Mode: Change Parallax Bug.
  • Fixed Faceset Distortion when changing resolution.
  • Fixed Battle Crash when the Damage Formula Box is empty.
  • Fixed Monitor FPS Issue.
  • Fixed Movement Route changes are saved even when cancelled.
  • Fixed an issue that caused: If you have any changes in Plugin Manager and directly close the windows in the title bar (not by Cancel/Esc), the changes will be committed.
  • Fixed Pixi Add/Multiply/Screen commands in WebGL mode! 
  • Fixed States removed when failing to escape battle
  • Fixed Scroll Bar in Show Text when Batch Entry is checked
  • Fixed the position of index in ImageSelector.
  • Fixed Save deleting bug when a game fails to save (now uses a backup and restore system)
  • Fixed Actors set to auto battle will only heal the first actor in the party
  • Fixed Remember Command selects the wrong skill
  • Fixed Autotiles don’t function the same as RMVXAce.
  • Fixed Sideview Battler Bug: Guard Pose
  • Fixed an issue that caused database JSON files (specifically Actor.json) to not automatically update when some changes are made (specifically Equipment Types)

Implemented Features

  • Implemented Onion Skin in Animation Editor.
  • Implemented Plugin Help Everywhere. 
  • Re-implemented RPG Maker 2003’s Class change option: Keep Level feature.
  • Implemented Message Box and Plugin Parameters IconSet Viewer.
  • Implemented Confirmation Dialogue on Event, Database and Plugin Manager Cancel
  • Reimplemented the Resource Manager
  • Implemented Return Home/End Buttons in RMMV for navigating event pages
  • Implemented a tool to remove unused resource from a project
  • Additional Generator Parts
  • Additional Plugins: Slotmachine, TouchUI, Gachabook, Gacha and NovelMessage
  • Resources compressed

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