Skybox AI from Blockade Labs

Skybox AI is a free to use tool, powered by a modified Stable Diffusion, from Blockade Labs. It is used to create game ready Skybox textures from text prompts.

Skybox AI is described as:

Skybox AI is a free 360° image generator. Use the power of AI to imagine stunning worlds in seconds and fine tune them for use in immersive VR, XR, or games.

After you have the panoramic image of your dreams, hit Share to get a unique link to show others your 360° world or click Download to get your equirectangular image for use in your interactive experience builder app of choice.

The most recent release added several interesting new features:

With Sketch mode, we’re introducing a new palette of tools and guides that let you start taking control of your skybox generations. Want a castle in the distance? Sketch it out, specify a castle in your prompt and hit generate to watch as your scribbles influence your skybox. If you don’t get what you want the first time, your sketch sticks around to try a new style or prompt from – or switch to Remix mode to give that castle a new look!

Note: Initially, Sketch mode is only available on desktop computers and larger tablets. If you’re on mobile, you won’t be able to see the sketch interface.

Protip: When the sketch tool is active, hold “spacebar” to click and drag your view without leaving a mark.  

This release represents a lot of pure invention from our team, so expect some rough edges while we keep improving this experience, including the addition of Add To This sketch mode coming soon! For known issues and full release notes, see the Updates tab.

And in case you missed it last release, check out Remix

With Remix, take any skybox and give it new style! Your Remix prompt will affect the look and feel of the currently active skybox, while keeping its structure and depth intact. Try it out!

Key Links

Skybox AI Homepage

Blockade Labs

You can learn more about Skybox AI from Blockade Labs and see it in action in the video below.

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