SnaX — Lightweight 3D Visual Game Engine

Snax is a unique game engine for Windows 10. Snax offers low level access in a light weight and high performance manner, but does so with a high level visual programming language. Snax is free to download and includes a C++ SDK for creating “Chips” the visual programming blocks that make up the Snax programming experience.

Snax is described as:

SnaX is a new development tool for real-time 3D-graphics applications like games, simulators or other visualization solutions depending on high-performance, real-time 3D-graphics. 

SnaX is based on a powerful real-time, visual programming concept. Your project keeps running as you develop it – Visually, without writing a single line of code!

Key features of Snax include:

  • Visual Programming
  • Real-Time Development
  • Build on Object-Oriented Principles
  • Easy Debugging
  • Build-In Performance Profiling
  • Modular by Design
  • PhysX Integration

Snax is available for free download at The Snax SDK is available under the BSD-3 open source license and is hosted on GitHub. You can learn more about the Snax game engine and see it in action in our video below.

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