Soundtrack Loops Bundle on Fanatical

There is a new bundle of interest, the Soundtrack Loops Bundle on Fanatical. This bundle is structured into 3 tiers, 1$, 10$ and 20$. Purchasing a higher value tier gives you access to all of the assets in the lower valued tiers. The bundles are a collection of zip files containing audio in WAV format.

Description of the bundle:

Are you a content creator, musician, filmmaker, or producer looking to develop your audio skills in your given industry? Gain access to a great selection of products to edit and mix for your ideal audience with the brand-new, exclusive Soundtrack Loops Bundle!

This collection features 26 new-to-Fanatical sound packs across three available tiers, with a huge variety of music genres for users to get to grips with. This bundle also includes two brand-new, previously unreleased products – Sebastian Crane Techno Rhythms and Lo-Fi Drift 2.

Soundtrack Loops, whose music is 100% royalty-free, help provide the necessary tools and services for producers, filmmakers, musicians, remixers, and songwriters to achieve their musical & atmospheric goals with simplicity and style.

Whether you’re looking to add some sick beats to your latest music project, creating a chilled out vibe during your game stream, or adding suspense and drama to your film-in-progress, you’ll be able to choose a fantastic array of sound packs in the Soundtrack Loops Bundle.

With bundles like these, especially if you are going to be using the files in a distributed game, it’s always important to take a close look at the license. The license is available here and basically grants you rights to use the assets in your games, videos, trailers, etc, but not the right to redistribute the assets on their own, a fairly typical license. You can learn more about the bundle and the license terms in the video below. If you purchase using this link, GFS will receive a small commission (and thanks if you do!). The bundle will be available until January 2nd, 2021.

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