Stencyl 4 Released

The “no programming required” game engine Stencyl recently released version 4.  This version adds HTML5 support to replace Flash targets, iOS 12 and Mac OS Mojave support, improved performance and tons of bug fixes.  If you are interested in learning more about Stencyl, be sure to check out our Closer Look series or the video embedded below.

Details of the new release from the release notes:

Compatibility:  - Added support for Java 9+  - Works with Xcode 9 and 10  - Fixes issues with macOS High Sierra through macOS Mojave  - Supports latest iPhones and iPads  - Android API 28  x Dropped support for 32-bit linux systems.    Toolset Performance:  - Large games open faster and take less memory.  - Saving games has less overhead.    Engine Performance:  - New binary file format to make games load faster with telemetry running.  - Use tweenxcore instead of Actuate so the engine can handle more tweening.  - Performance updates with the OpenFL update.  x The drawing event can be slower on platforms other than Flash.    Compiling Games:  - Set the targets you want in the "test game" dropdown.  - New compilation errors window.  - Added HXCPP Compile Cache to speed up C++ compilation.  - Open external IDEs (VS Code, HaxeDevelop, and Xcode) from within Stencyl.    No need for external Haxe install.    Extension:  - Allow engine extensions to be linked to external folders.  - Localizable Engine Extensions.    New Toolset Features:  - Copy and Paste in Scene Designer    New Blocks:  - get position of item in list  - set font spacing  - fade sound to percent  - go to position in sound  - pan sound  - unmap gamepad controls  - set collision response of two groups  - set screen size  - get / set scale mode  - get / set window scale  - enable / disable scaling of Image API drawing  - create new tile layer    Improved HTML5 Support  Improvements to game scaling, especially entering / exiting fullscreen.  More support for filters and blend modes on non-Flash targets  Integrated consent forms for GDPR-compliance when using AdMob    [Beta Feature] Game Controller:  - Game Controller allows the toolset to communicate with the engine while testing games.  - Run commands    - Reset a running game    - Load a specific scene    - Reload game configuration (size, scaling, settings, etc)  - Logging    - Per-game-session logging, for cleaner output    - Jump to source print block, or source of error  - Live Coding (advanced)    - Execute arbitrary Haxe code while the game is running  - Auto-update Running Games    - Modify pre-existing resources while testing a game    - Scenes (reloads the scene if it's currently being tested)    - Actor Type animations, backgrounds, fonts, etc    - Configuration (game size, controls, fps monitor, debug drawing, etc)

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