Wicked Engine Adds Vulkan and Direct3D 12 Support

Wicked Engine Gets DX12 And Vulkan Raytracing Support

The open source cross platform C++ powered game engine Wicked Engine, just got raytracing and path tracing support for both DX12 and Vulkan renderers.  Available as both a low level framework for building your own game engine, or as a fully capable engine on it’s own, Wicked Engine boosts the following features:DirectX 11, DirectX 12 […]

NVidia New Services Announced At GDC 2020

NVIDIA Release RTXGI and DLSS 2.0 SDKs

In addition to the recently released NVIDIA Texture Tool, NVIDIA have released a pair of SDKs of interest to game developers.  The first is RTXGI, a global illumination solution for DXR compatible hardware, the second is DLSS 2.0 or Deep Learning Super Sampling.Details about RTXGI:Full Source Code. We are providing full source code so you […]

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