Blender VR Support

Blender 2.83 VR Support In Action

Blender 2.83 was released last week and one of the new features is tentative support for Virtual Reality headsets in the form of Scene Inspection:Scene inspection refers to the ability to inspect the scene in VR, without interacting with content. Essentially this means head-mounted display (HMD) support as well as some simple settings (controllable from […]

Unity MARS AR Paywalled

Unity Launch Mars Behind a Paywall

Unity have just announced a new AR (augmented reality) focused extension, Unity Mars.  This also marks the first time that Unity have charged an additional subscription ($50/month or $600 a year) for additional Unity functionality.  Project Mars is described on the Unity blog as:Unity MARS is the world’s first authoring solution that brings real-world environment […]

Magic Leap Lives To Fight Another Day Avoiding Layoffs

Magic Leap Secures Funding and Avoids Layoffs

In a time where far too many people are being laid off, it’s nice to get a bit of good news for a change.  AR tech start-up Magic Leap, have had a bit of a rocky year cumulating in the announcement they would be laying off half of their employees.  Thankfully it was just announced […]

Google Launches VR Headset DayDream View

  Back in May Google announced VR support was going to be built into future versions of Android.  It was only a matter of time until Google launched a compatible device, and today that device is here.  The DayDream View is a new VR headset very similar to Samsung’s Galaxy GearVR headset.    The new […]

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