Texture Paint Champ – Substance Painter Lite for Unreal Engine

Texture Paint Champ is a free tool that gives you the ability to paint directly on a 3D model, Substance Painter style, directly inside Unreal Engine 5. Details from the GumRoad page:


  • Paint directly on any static mesh in UE5 (no messing around in other programs)
  • No additional performance cost as you’re just updating the existing textures
  • Works with almost any material type
  • Paint an unlimited amount of textures over your mesh’s material’s textures
  • 30 brushes included. Easy to create and add your own custom brushes
  • Optional Height Based Painting
  • Paint into textures directly or even create masks for blending
  • Easily view your mesh through various lighting conditions
  • Auto Mapper to make mapping paint and target textures easy
  • Error checker to help ensure you set everything up properly
  • Clean and intuitive UI
  • Easily move around your mesh with keyboard and mouse (uses Unreal’s Floating Pawn Movement Component)
  • Save/Load your brush settings
  • Various quality of life tools like auto rotate brush, built-in color picker/palette
  • Also works with Channel Packed textures

In addition to Texture Paint Champ, the author also makes Decal Champ for Unreal Engine, which is also free!

Key Links

Texture Paint Champ on GumRoad

Decal Champ on GumRoad

In the video below we showcase how to get up and running with Texture Paint Champ although keep in mind we only scratch the surface of the material properties available.

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