The Game UI Database

The Game UI Database is the ultimate resource for game UI/UX designers. It is a database of user interface elements from over 1,100 games from a wide variety of genres and platforms. The Database part of the name is not a misnomer, as you can search and drill down by dozens of different attributes such as art style, camera type, control scheme, game concept and much more. Best of all the database is completely free and is devoid of advertisements, popups and other modern web bloat.

The Game UI Database is describe succinctly as:

The Game UI Database was created by Edd Coates as a free resource for UI/UX Designers in the games industry. It was built to aid in the discovery of new inspiration, and to provide a fast and efficient way of searching for reference materials.

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The Game UI Database

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You can learn more about and see the Game UI Database in action, the ultimate reference resource for game UI/UX, in the video below.

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