The list of Android devices supported on PlayStation Mobile


At E3, Sony announced that Sony PlayStation Suite would be rebranded as PlayStation mobile.  More importantly, they announced that HTC would be the first 3rd party Androidatt-htc-one-x manufacturer to release a PlayStation certified phone, but they never went into any details about what that phones would be supported.  It appeared to be an HTC One that he was holding on stage.


Fortunately, that information is available on Sony’s Japanese corporate site:


The license program to expand PS Mobile, dedicated for portable hardware manufacturers. SCE will not only license logos but also provide necessary development support. As of June 5, 2012, the line-up of PlayStation™Certified devices include the HTC One series of smartphones, HTC One™ X, HTC One™ S, and HTC One™ V. Content developed with official version of PlayStation®Mobile SDK will be available on those devices later this year, also Xperia™ arc, Xperia™ acro, Xperia™ PLAY, Xperia™ acro HD, Xperia™ S, Xperia™ ion, Xperia™ acro S from Sony Mobile Communications AB, and "Sony Tablet" S and "Sony Tablet" P from Sony Corporation.


It seems strange that the information was here, but not as part of the official announcement!


Anyways, there you have it.  PlayStation Mobile is coming to the HTC One X, S and V phones, in addition to Sony’s existing lineup.  Now lets just hope they sign a deal with Samsung soon!


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