Unity 5.3 Released


Unity Technologies just released version 5.3 of their popular Unity game engine.  The biggest news of this release is probably that WebGL is no longer an experimental platform and is considered a fully supported target.  Apple TV support is also coming soon, but as of right now it is in beta only.


The major bullet point features of this release are:

  • New tools: A MonoDevelop upgrade, multi-scene editing, 2D tools and automated unit testing
  • Graphics optimizations, including a new OpenGL core, experimental support for Metal in OS X, and an upgraded particle system.
  • Coming soon: tvOS support
  • Improved platform support for WebGL and iOS 9
  • Integrated in-app purchase support
  • VR improvements and new VR learning samples

There appear to have been major revisions to the Unity version of MonoDevelop including a streamlined UI and easier debugging as illustrated in this image:


Much more detail about the release is available here. Or you can download Unity 5.3 here.

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