Unreal Engine Price Change — New Details

Yesterday we discussed the new changes coming to the Unreal Engine pricing structure in 2024. This is a move to per seat licensing for non-game development projects, such as automotive industry, movie production, archviz and more. One unforeseen (by me) consequence of this change is the impact on the indie film industry.

In search of clarification, I reached out to Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney on Twitter with the following query:

To which Tim replied:

In the same thread, there were a few other interesting clarifications, one about how the per seat licensing will be enforced:

As well as an unrelated (to the price changes) question about under 18 year old creators on UEFN:

These responses should be comforting for aspiring and indie film developers. You can learn more about the upcoming Unreal Engine per seat licensing changes and the clarifications for indie film makers in the video below.

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