Unreal Engine Spring Essentials Utility Bundle

The Unreal Engine Spring Essentials Utility Humble Bundle is a huge 50+ asset bundle for Unreal Engine developers. This contains assets from a variety of creators including Yarrawah Interactive, Dekogon, Freshcan3D, Mocap Online, Meshingun, Iraisynn Attinom, Night Times, BVG, SERLO, Jumpzoid and Maksim3D. It is organized into the following tiers:

1$ Tier

Flag Generator

Cardboard Props Vol 1

Echoes of Adventure Vol 1

Audio Odyssey Vol 1

Ambient Systems Loop Set Vol 1

FPS Automatic Gun Animations

Weapon and Shield Animations

Hologram Shader

Developer Tools

Fences Vol 2 – Farm and Town

Foliage Vol 9 Coyote Bushes

Buildings Vol 5 Doors

Toolset Collection Vol 1

Desert Embankments Photoscan Vol 4

Warrior – Viking Male Set

Mid Tier

Book Generator

56 Animations for Creatures

Blutility Production Tools – Material Functions

Termite Mounds – Vol 1

Modular Suburban Metal Fence

First Person Base Arms Vol 1 – Skinny Male

Dry Animal Bones – Photoscans Vol 2

Animal Dung/Feces – Horse and Cow

30$ Tier

Realtime Designer: Lighting Kit

Ultra Volumetrics

Survival NPC = Sarah “Sal” Jacobs

ia scatter

Critters Vol 2 – Crows & Seagulls

FPS Automatic Rifle 01 Animations

Intelligent Traffic System

Buildings Vol 8 Commercial Doors

Leclerc AMX56 Advanced Tank Blueprint

Barnyard Megapack

Stylized Domes Shader

Foliage Vol 6 Broom Bushes

Foliage Vol 11 Bushes

Foliage Vol 8 Dead Trees

Procedural Oak Forest

Mobility Basics Mocap Pack

Boxing Mocap Pack

Rifle Basics Mocap Pack

Pistol Starter Mocap Pack

Foliage Pack

Echoes of Adventure: Set 2

Audio Odyssey Vol 2

Ambient Systems Loop Set Vol 2

Ambient Systems Loop Set Vol 3

FPS Piston and Knife Animations

Stylized Barrier Shader

Foliage Vol 10 Yard Plants

Foliage Vol 7 Ash Trees

Russian T-55a Battle Tank

Two Pack – Blacksmith and Knight

As with all Humble Bundles you decide how your funds are allocated between Humble, charity, the publisher and if you so choose (and thanks so much if you do!) to help support GFS using this link. You can learn more about the Unreal Engine Spring Essentials Utility Humble Bundle and see several of the assets in action in the video below.

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