Unreal Environment and Epic Game World Unity Humble Bundles

There are a pair of Humble Bundles for game developers going on right now, the Unreal Environment Mega Bundle as well as the Epic Game Worlds in Unity bundle. Both bundles are organized into tiers.

The Unreal Environment Mega Bundle

1$ Tier

Modular Castle Kit

Median Tier

Medieval Weapons

Stylized Village

Medieval Houses

25$ Tier

Medieval Village

Stylized Nature

Destroyed Buildings

Post Apocalytpic

Modular Dungeon

Abandoned Factory

Dragon Temple

Medieval Town

Desert Town

Medieval Houses

Wooden Buildings

Monster Sounds

Rain & Wind Sounds

Game Music Essentials

Horror Ambient Loops

Epic Game Worlds in Unity bundle

15$ Tier

Nature Renderer 2022

Pure Nature 2: Meadows

Gothic UI

The Forest Enemy Pack

Zombie Voices Audio Pack

Giant Golem Animation Set

Medieval Church and Monastery Kit

Control Freak 2 – Touch Input Made Easy!

Ultimate Seating Controller

NavTools Bundle

Big Fantasy RPG Music Bundle

Rankings & Leaderboards

Low Poly Nature: Lush & Diverse Environments

Semantic Color Palette

You can learn more about both Humble Bundles in the video below as well as go hands-on with several of the Unreal Engine environments. We even quickly show you how to export static meshes and Blueprints from Unreal Engine to the Godot game engine. Using links on this page enable you to direct a portion of your purchase to support GFS and thanks so much if you do!

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