Wicked Engine Now On Steam

Wicked Engine is a powerful open source C++ based game engine (we recently showcased for more detailed information) that was just released on Steam. This makes it much easier for developers to evaluate the engine with no need to build from source code, nor deal with the C++ programming language. It is however a somewhat limited install with only Lua programming capabilities. Of course if you are wishing to work at a lower level you can of course still download the source code (under the MIT license) on GitHub.

Details of the Steam release:

Wicked Engine is a small, fast, experimental 3D engine with a modern renderer. It is MIT licensed and open source, and everything you create with it is completely yours, without any strings attached, for eternity.

Some features:
– Modern rendering engine, fully utilizing DirectX 12 and Vulkan, with the latest features like hardware accelerated ray tracing
– Written in C++ with focus on performance
– Lua scripting is supported dynamically at runtime
– GLTF 2.0 model support with physically based rendering features
– It is a single executable, no installation required (+some additional sample assets included with the download)
– No internet connection required

– This is the packaged version of the open source Wicked Engine. This version can be used to edit 3D scenes and run LUA scripts.
– The version with the latest features and full source code which can be used for C++ development is available on GitHub.
– This application can open common 3D file formats such as GLTF 2.0, OBJ, VRM. There are some example models and LUA scripts bundled with this version, in the Content folder within your install directory.

You can learn more about the Steam release of Wicked Engine in the video below.

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