3ds Max 2018.2 Update Released

One of the nice features of moving to an annual subscription model is continuous updates throughout the year.  Autodesk have released their second update for Autodesk 3ds Max 2018.  Spline tools have seen a lot of love in this release with new freehand spine tools, new spine modifiers and the addition of 3ds Max Batch a MAXScript and Python based automation scripting system that can also be deployed in the cloud.

Details from the release notes:

3ds Max Batch:

  • 3ds Max Batch allows you to perform MAXScript or Python automation in the background, as a standalone process or in parallel with the desktop application.
  • 3ds Max Batch can be deployed on the cloud.
Freehand Spline:

  • The Freehand Spline allows you to create hand-drawn splines directly in the viewport.
Spline Influence Modifier:

  • The Spline Influence Modifier allows you to create a soft selection of spline knots based on their proximity to specified objects.
Spline Mirror Modifier:

  • The Spline Mirror Modifier allows you to easily duplicate a spline along a specified axis.
  • Duplicates any present normals.
Spline Morph Modifier:

  • The Spline Morph Modifier allows you to blend between different shapes.
  • Two methods available: progressive and blended.
Spline Overlap Modifier:

  • The Spline Overlap Modifier detects self-overlapping splines and adjusts the displacement of the intersecting segments.
Spline Relax Modifier:

Optimize Spline Modifier:

  • The Optimize Spline Modifier reduces the number of knots and adjusts their handles to optimally reproduce the original spline as closely as possible.
Influence Helper:

  • The Influence Helper allows you to easily select vertices and apply proximity based falloffs to effects.

Enhancements and Changes

PathDeform Modifier The PathDeform modifier now works in object space and can also push the materials onto the geometry based on the materials applied to segments.
Normalize Spline Modifier The Normalize Spline modifier now gives you more options to make your splines even out.
UVW Unwrap Modifier The top UVW Unwrap Modifier defects submitted and nominated by the user community have been fixed in a continuing commitment to quality.
CAD based import CAD based imports through ATF now have an average 30% reduction in conversion times.
Viewports Complex scenes, such as a commercial airliner interior with hundreds of seats, can now be used and manipulated in the viewports.

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