Add ChatGPT to Unity using Spark AI

Featured in the Unity Hidden Gems Humble Bundle (learn more here) Spark AI is a Unity addon that integrates ChatGPT functionality. This is similar to the experimental Unity ChatGPT integration from a Unity employee that we covered a few months yet different in scope. This is more of a tight integration of ChatGPT as a development companion, enabling you to use ChatGPT for a variety of game development tasks, including:

  • code creation
  • shader creation
  • image/texture generation
  • code debugging
  • NPC character naming
  • item descriptions
  • character dialog creation

As you can see from the demonstration video, the process isn’t perfect and programmers and writers need not worry for their jobs just yet. It is however a capable tool to take some of the drudge work out of writing or coding, so long as you are willing to clean up some errors and artifacts it generates. It is important to note that you need an OpenAI key to use this add-on. There is a free trial available, otherwise it’s on a pay as you go basis.

Key Links

Unity Hidden Gems Bundle

Spark AI on Unity Asset Store

OpenAI Homepage

You can learn more about using ChatGPT in the Unity game engine with SparkAI in the video below. The above links may contain an affiliate code that either pays GFS a small commission in used or enables you to direct a portion of your purchase to support GFS(and thanks so much if you do!)

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