Adobe Alternatives in 2023

While Adobe is a powerhouse in the graphics industry with programs like Photoshop and Illustrator being considered standards, there are several alternatives out there in 2023, both free and commercial. In this guide we will look at my personal recommendations for several Adobe products, with both a commercial and paid option for each. If you are looking for additional alternatives to an even wider range of Adobe products be sure to check out this list by KenneyNL.

Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

Paid: Affinity Photo

Free: Krita (Digital Painting) [Open Source]

Free: GIMP (Image Manipulation) [Open Source]

Online: Photopea

Adobe Illustrator

Paid: Affinity Designer

Free: Inkscape [Open Source]

Adobe Animate

Paid: Moho (Currently Available on Humble Bundle)

Free: Open Toonz [Open Source]

Adobe Premiere / Adobe After Effects

Paid: (AE) Hitfilm Pro

Free: (Pr) Davinci Resolve

Free: Blender [Open Source]

Free: (AE) Natron [Open Source]

Substance Designer/Painter

Free: Quixel Mixer

Free: (Designer) Material Maker [Open Source]

Free: ArmorPaint [Open Source — Paid Unless Built from Source]

You can learn more about alternatives to Adobe products in 2023 in the video below. If you are looking for an alternative to another Adobe application, be sure to check out Kenney’s list.

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