Unity MegaCity Multiplayer Sample

Unity have just released Unity Megacity, a 64+ player multiplayer sample for the Unity game engine. The sample is intended to showcase the use of the DOTS, or Data Oriented Technology Stack which just became production ready earlier this month with the release of Unity 2022 LTS. Additionally Unity’s multiplayer technologies UGS or Unity Game Services are optionally utilized in the MegaCity sample

If Unity MegaCity sounds familiar, it was first released all the way back in 2019 as a DOTS technology demo. It has certainly been a long road to getting DOTS ( Burst Compiler, Jobs System and ECS ) production ready with a few slips along the way.

The demo is by no means a small one, weighing in at roughly 16GB in size. The project is hosted on GitHub and requires Unity 2022.1f1 LTS or higher, as well as the use of Git LFS. The source code and assets are released under the Unity Companion License.

Key Links

Unity MegaCity Homepage

MegaCity Multiplayer GitHub Repository

Unity 2022 LTS Release Details

You can learn more about the Unity MegaCity 64+ player multiplayer sample in the video below.

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