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AIbstract is an online service using artificial intelligence (AI) to compose music that can be used in your game or other project royalty free, with you owning the music’s rights. Unlike many recent AI tools, this one seems to be composing the tracks “from scratch” and not stealing from the works of others. Music is creating using a series of simple inputs and specifying the instrument types, then AIbstract does the rest.

They describe their service as follows:

AIbstract is a software solution using artificial intelligence technologies to provide the services of a virtual composer and performer.

Whether you are an individual or a professional, it allows you to generate and stream personalized, original and royalty-free music in real time, with no prerequisites in terms of musical skills.

AIbstract integrates many complementary features allowing it to meet a wide variety of musical needs and use cases.

A key difference between AIbstract and other AI based music generation services is the ultimate ownership of the results:

The songs generated through or with the help of AIbstract belongs entirely to the users. In accordance with law and its values, AIbstract does not claim any intellectual property on the works resulting from its use whatever the part taken by the solution in the creative process.

You are completely free to use this music, whether it is to share it and distribute it publicly, to register near a copyright management service and even to market it.

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AIbstract Home Page

There are a number of different pricing tiers, from a free tier that enables you to create a few songs a day, to professional tiers allowing you to create and own hundreds of songs.

If you are interested in other AI music generation tools, be sure to check out our earlier coverage of Strofe and AIVA. You can learn more about AI music generation in AIbstract and see it in action in the video below.

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