Defold Game Engine Adds PlayStation Support

The free 2D game engine Defold (tutorial series available here) just announced the addition of PlayStation 4 to their supported development platforms. This announcement follows a few years after they added support for the Nintendo Switch platform and they have announced the addition of PlayStation 5 support later this year and Xbox support early 2024.

Details of the announcement from the Defold blog:

The Defold Foundation today announced the immediate availability of PlayStation®4 development in the Defold game engine for approved PlayStation developers. Basic access to the required tools and documentation will be granted free of charge while full source code access is available as a paid membership tier. Note that full source code access is not necessary to release games made with Defold on PlayStation™.

Approved PlayStation developers will be able to set up Defold and build their games for PlayStation®4 in a matter of minutes.

“Adding PS4™ support to Defold has been a passion project for the whole Defold team and it is extremely satisfying to finally be able to share this with our global community of game developers. We are looking forward to playing some of our favorite games made with Defold on PlayStation!”, said Defold Product Owner Björn Ritzl.

Key Links

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Our Defold Development Tutorial Series

You can learn more about the Defold game engine and the addition of PlayStation development support in the video below.

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