AMD FidelityFX SDK 1.0 Released

AMD have just released AMD FidelityFX SDK 1.0. AMD FidelityFX is a game development open source middleware for implementing common game development solutions in a GPU accelerate manner. The SDK works on all major hardware and includes Vulkan and Direct X 12 rendering back ends. The 1.0 release adds three new technologies, Blur, Depth of Field and Lens Effects which includes Chromatic Aberration, Vignette and Film Grain.

The AMD FidelityFX SDK is composed of the following technolgoies:

  • Super Resolution 2
  • Lens
  • Depth of Field
  • Blur
  • Super Resolution
  • Parallel Sort
  • Variable Shading
  • Denoiser
  • HDR Mapper
  • Hybrid Reflections
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Downsampler
  • Contrast Adaptive Sharpening

The project is open source with the source code hosted on GitHub under the MIT license.

Key Links

GPU Open Homepage

AMD FidelityFX Homepage

GitHub Repository

You can learn more about the AMD FidelityFX SDK 1.0 release in the video below.

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