Banshee Engine 0.4 Released


The Banshee Engine is an open source LGPL licensed 2D/3D game engine written in C++.  It just saw the release of version 0.4.  I took a look at a previous version of the Banshee engine available here or embedded below if you want more information of this under development game engine.  The 0.4 release brings a number of new features, summarized nicely on /r/gamedev:

Hi guys, Banshee is an open source game engine that I’m building. Some of its major features are C# scripting, fully featured editor, modern C++14 core and focus on performance, modern technologies and quality design.

I have just released a new update for it, which adds some very important new systems:

Audio system supporting multi-channel audio, 3D spatialization, streaming, .OGG/.MP3/.FLAC/.WAV format support, with both OpenAL and FMOD backends

Animation system with support for GPU accelerated skinned skeletal animation, blend (morph) shape animation, animation events, additive animations, 1D/2D blending and root bone animation

Animation editor with support for creating custom animation curves, animation events, animating scene objects and animating arbitrary script variables

Read the full release notes.

The engine is still in pre-alpha state since there are a few important features missing, but it is nearing its first stable release, hopefully in mid-2017. In the coming months I will be adding Vulkan support, physically based renderer, followed by Mac/Linux ports.

I’m also happy to announce that the project has attracted some community members that have started working on new features and other improvements. As the community grows you can expect even more content in future updates.


To learn more about this interesting engine, check out the video below.

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