Bevy 0.12 Released

Coming just 4 months after the release of Bevy 0.11 this weekend Bevy 0.12 was released. Considering the short distance of time since the last release its somewhat staggering the extent of new features in this version, including a new renderer, a rewritten asset system, new light interaction options and much more.

TL;DR version of the Bevy 0.12 release notes:

  • Deferred Rendering: (Optional) support for rendering in a Deferred style, which complements Bevy’s existing Forward+ renderer by adding support for new effects and different performance tradeoffs. Bevy is now a “hybrid” renderer, meaning you can use both at the same time!
  • Bevy Asset V2: A brand new asset system that adds support for asset preprocessing, asset configuration (via .meta files), multiple asset sources, recursive dependency load tracking, and more!
  • PCF Shadow Filtering: Bevy now has smoother shadows thanks to Percentage-Closer Filtering.
  • StandardMaterial Light Transmission: Bevy’s PBR material now supports light transmission, making it possible to simulate materials like glass, water, plastic, foliage, paper, wax, marble, etc.
  • Material Extensions: Materials can now build on other materials. You can now easily write shaders that build on existing materials, such as Bevy’s PBR StandardMaterial.
  • Rusty Shader Imports: Bevy’s granular shader import system now uses Rust-style imports, expanding the capabilities and usability of the import system.
  • Suspend and Resume on Android: Bevy now supports suspend and resume events on Android, which was the last big missing piece in our Android story. Bevy now supports Android!
  • Automatic Batching and Instancing of Draw Commands: Draw commands are now automatically batched / instanced when possible, yielding significant render performance wins.
  • Renderer Optimizations: Bevy’s renderer dataflow has been reworked to squeeze out more performance and prepare the way for future GPU-driven rendering.
  • One Shot Systems: ECS Systems can now be run on-demand from other systems!
  • UI Materials: Add custom material shaders to Bevy UI nodes.

Key Links

Bevy Homepage

Bevy Release Notes

GitHub Respository

Discord Server

You can learn more about the open source Rust powered Bevy game engine and the Bevy 0.12 release in the video below.

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