Bevy 0.11 Released

Coming four months after the last release, the open source Rust powered game engine Bevy just released Bevy 0.11. There are a number of new features in this data oriented game framework including the addition of TAA (temporal anti aliasing) as well as SSAO (screen space ambient occlusion).

Highlight features of the Bevy 0.11 release include:

  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO): Increase scene render quality by simulating occlusion of “indirect” diffuse light
  • Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA): A popular anti-aliasing technique that blends the current frame with past frames using motion vectors to smooth out artifacts
  • Morph Targets: Animate vertex positions on meshes between predefined states. Great for things like character customization!
  • Robust Constrast Adaptive Sharpening (RCAS): Intelligently sharpens renders, which pairs nicely with TAA
  • WebGPU Support: Bevy can now render on the web faster and with more features using the modern WebGPU web API
  • Improved Shader Imports: Bevy shaders now support granular imports and other new features
  • Parallax Mapping: Materials now support an optional depth map, giving flat surfaces a feel of depth through parallaxing the material’s textures
  • Schedule-First ECS APIs: A simpler and more ergonomic ECS system scheduling API
  • Immediate Mode Gizmo Rendering: Easily and efficiently render 2D and 3D shapes for debugging and editor scenarios
  • ECS Audio APIs: A more intuitive and idiomatic way to play back audio
  • UI Borders: UI nodes can now have configurable borders!
  • Grid UI Layout: Bevy UI now supports CSS-style grid layout
  • UI Performance Improvements: The UI batching algorithm was changed, yielding significant performance wins

Key Links

Bevy Homepage

Release Notes

GitHub Repository

Bevy Book

You can learn more about the release of the Bevy 0.11 Rust powered game framework in the video below.

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