Blender 4.1 Released

Scheduled for release last week, Blender 4.1 was unfortunately delayed a bit to fix some last minute issues. Thankfully the wait is over and Blender 4.1 is here. The wait was worth it though as Blender 4.1 adds several new features including:

  • Geometry node baking
  • Extensive changes to autosmooth including new smoothing nodes
  • New geometry nodes including Menu Switch, Split to Instances, Sort Elements and more
  • OpenImageDenoise now supports GPU accelerated Cycles denoising on most hardware
  • Real-time compositing now has near parity with the traditional compositor
  • New ways to insert animation keyframes simplifying workflow
  • Bone collections are now hierarchical
  • Easily switch bone selection without leaving weight painting mode
  • Motion paths can now be generated in screen space from the camera view
  • Several video sequencer improvements
  • Improved USD support
  • Much, much more

Key Links

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Blender 4.1 Release Notes

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You can learn more about the Blender 4.1 release in the video below.

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