Unity 6 Roadmap at GDC 2024

GDC has wrapped up and although a pretty quiet even from Unity, they did release the Unity 6 and beyond development roadmap. Unity describe the roadmap session as follows:

Looking toward the future, we dedicated a session to the roadmap for not only Unity 6, but all of the complementary products and services to help you create and run your game. The roadmap covers topics including all-new graphics features for creating immersive worlds, innovation in XR (also tackled in our in-demand Apple Vision Pro deep dive session that’ll be uploaded soon), and how Unity Cloud and Unity Muse can help you leverage to boost efficiency. We also address what’s new in multiplayer, both in-Editor and for operation using Game Server Hosting and Vivox Voice and Text Chat. Watch the session below to see what’s new and how Unity is taking your feedback to invest in the future.

You can of course read about and watch the entire event from the links below, or you can watch our greatly abridged version with just the details of interest to game developers.

Key Links

Unity 6 and Beyond: A Roadmap of Unity Events and Services

Unity 6 Roadmap GFS Condensed Video Version

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