Blender Controls in Godot 4.2

One of the most exciting new features in the recent Godot 4.2 game engine release was the addition of Blender style transformation hotkeys. You need to configure this feature yourself, but the video below shows you step by step how to do so.

At first glance the Blender hotkeys may not make a ton of sense, especially the use of G (as in Grab) for translations or movement. However once you start using them, especially in combination you will see just how powerful they are and how much they can improve your day to day workflow.

You can follow up each movement hotkey (G, R, S for Grab, Rotate and Scale) with additional modifiers. For example ‘G Y’ will move the selected object only along the Y axis. You can even specify movement amounts and bypass the mouse completely, or example ‘R Z 90’ will rotate the selected object 90 degrees around the Z axis.

Once again, more in-depth examples of how to setup and use Blender style hotkeys in Godot are available in the video below.

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