Brackeys Calls It Quits And GameFromScratch Is Now On Odysee

We have two news stories in one today, the first a bit of sad news for Unity developers. Popular YouTube Unity tutorial creator Brackey has called it quits after 8+ years of making tutorials. Thankfully he is leaving under happy circumstances, it’s basically the digital equivalent of retirement. So to Brackeys, congratulations and best of luck to you in your future endeavours, I am sure you have helped a legion of developers learn Unity. The channel will remain up, as will the community Discord server, only the Patreon page is being removed… and of course no new content will be posted.

In completely unrelated news, GameFromScratch video content is now available on Odysee. This is not actually all that new, as Odysee is ultimately a new front end for and now Odysee are the only other place beside YouTube where GFS video content is officially available. Shortly after the YouTube Extortion strike experience it became incredibly clear to me that having all of my eggs in one virtual basket was a very bad idea. Unfortunately the Lbry end user experience was never all that great. With the recent improvements and the launch of Odysee, it has become a much better alternative to YouTube, so be sure to check it out if you are looking for a YouTube alternative. There are already several game development channels on there, including GDQuest.

Learn more in the video below, or once it’s mirrored, you can watch it on Odysee too! 😉

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